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Ergo Dynamic Solutions, under the exceptional guidance of our Principal Ergonomics Consultant, Jennifer Marshall, is a leader in the field of ergonomic consulting. With over 15 years of experience and a Master’s degree specializing in Ergonomics, Jennifer brings a depth of knowledge that has helped transform workplaces across numerous industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and construction.

At Ergo Dynamic Solutions, we provide a range of specialized services designed to promote safety, efficiency, and productivity in your organization. Our key service areas include Injury Prevention and Safety Training, Ergonomic Risk Assessments, Human Factors and Digital Human Modeling, Office Ergonomics and Workstation Assessments, Ergonomic Program Development and Job Suitability Assessments, and Return-to-Work Programs.

In our Injury Prevention and Safety Training, we focus on reducing common workplace injuries through proactive measures. We empower your team with comprehensive health and safety training to recognize and mitigate potential hazards. We conduct thorough Ergonomic Risk Assessments that provide valuable insights into your workplace's physical and cognitive demands. Coupled with our specialized training, we equip your staff to maintain a safe and efficient working environment.

Our Human Factors and Digital Human Modeling services use advanced technology to design systems that align with human capabilities. By enhancing design to reduce physical and cognitive load, we enhance overall productivity. We also ensure that your office environment supports employee well-being and efficiency through thorough ergonomic design and workstation assessments.

With our customized Ergonomic Program Development and Job Suitability Assessments, we align job demands with the abilities of your employees, ensuring optimal performance. We also offer bespoke Return-to-Work Programs to support employees recovering from injury, fostering a safe, gradual transition back to the workplace.

At Ergo Dynamic Solutions, our mission is to assist you in cultivating a culture of safety and efficiency. We believe that a proactive approach to ergonomics can significantly enhance performance, reduce injury risk, and contribute to the overall success of your organization. Trust in our expertise to guide you in creating healthier, safer, and more productive workplaces.

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