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We are a leading ergonomic consulting company committed to creating safer, healthier, and more efficient workplaces. Our suite of services covers a wide range of your ergonomic needs.​


Ergonomic Program Development and Support

We assist organizations in developing and implementing comprehensive ergonomic programs, including specialized initiatives aimed at preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These programs focus on creating policies and procedures, hazard identification, risk assessments, and implementing strategies to reduce risk factors.

Ergonomic Assessments

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of work environments, identifying potential ergonomic risks such as repetitive movements, awkward postures, or excessive force. Our goal is to provide recommendations that improve worker comfort, safety, and performance.

Physical Demands Analysis

We provide a detailed description of the physical demands required to complete a job. This includes task description, postural demands, force demands, and work parameters. This analysis aids in injury prevention and facilitates effective return-to-work schemes.

Digital Human Modeling

We utilize advanced digital human modeling techniques to simulate and evaluate human performance and interaction in a virtual environment. We offer specialized training on how to use Digital Human Modeling (DHM) software and guide you in seamlessly integrating it into your existing engineering processes.

Office Ergonomics

We focus on optimizing office environments to promote good posture, reduce strain, and prevent injuries. This includes everything from chair and monitor positioning to keyboard and mouse usage, ensuring a comfortable and productive workspace.

Ergonomic Design Guidelines

We provide ergonomic design guidelines to assist companies in applying ergonomic principles to the design of new processes or the redesign of existing ones. These guidelines help ensure that workplaces are designed with employee safety and comfort in mind.

Human-Centered Product Design and Development

We offer support throughout all phases of product and manufacturing process development, focusing on human capabilities and limitations. This human-centered approach ensures that products are designed to be safe, efficient, and user-friendly.

Ergonomic Training

We offer customized training programs to educate employees at all levels about ergonomic principles, safe work practices, and how to identify and report potential ergonomic issues. Our training aims to empower employees to contribute to a safer work environment.

Return-to-Work Programs

For employees recovering from injury, we offer custom return-to-work programs that ensure a safe and gradual transition back to the workplace, reducing the risk of re-injury and boosting morale.

Our mission is to assist you in cultivating a culture of safety and efficiency in your organization through our ergonomic consulting services.

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